Thursday 27th October

9:00 - 9:30 WELCOMING PARTICIPANTS (Main desk)

9:30 - 10:00 OPENING SESSION (Salón de Actos)

10:00 - 11:00 PLENARY SESSION (Salón de Actos) - JOSÉ SANTAEMILIA

From physical to symbolic violence: The discursive association of women with the discourses of violence.

Chair: Sergio Maruenda-Bataller

COFFEE BREAK (11:00 - 11:30)

 PANEL 1 (11:30 - 12:45) - Salón de Grados

 PANEL 2 (11:30 - 12:45) - Room 2.4. Second Floor

Critical discourse analysis and multimodality

Interdisciplinary perspectives

Chair: Sergio Maruenda-Bataller

Chair: Joaquín Primo-Pacheco

Maria Magdalena Barascu, How DR journalists use News Values when reporting on Violence against Women: Reporting on the murder of the Swedish journalist Kim Wall.                                                                                                           

Antonio García Gómez, Sexual harms and rape culture in LGBT+ dating and hook-up apps.

Lucía de la Presa, Marielle Franco on Jornal Nacional: Anti-Black gendered violence and discursive processes of re-/de-politicization.

Sabina Tabacaru, Woman is sexual object and man is genes: Hate speech and violence in incel discourse. 

Gianluca Pontrandolfo, Gendered discursive constructions in judicial vs media narratives: Corpus-based insights from La Manada case.                     

Robert Martínez-Carrasco and Iván Villanueva Jordán, Symbolic violence and the construction of desire in gay-for-pay porn: A multimodal analysis.

PANEL 3 (12:45 - 14:00) - Salón de Grados

PANEL 4 (12:45 - 14:00) - Room 2.4. Second Floor

Critical discourse analysis and multimodality

Methods and approaches

Chair: Miguel Fuster-Márquez

Chair: Andreea Rosca

Carmen Pérez-Sabater, Andrea García-Montes and Núria Lorenzo-Dus, “Amor, no me dices nada, no te gusto?”: Implicit sexual language in online child sexual grooming discourse. 

Roberto Asenjo Alcalde and María Muelas-Gil, Metaphorical perspectives on women in armed conflicts. The role of gender in the murals of Northern Ireland.

Stefania Maci, Revenge porn: A new form of online gendered violence discourse. A case study. 

Chen Luyu, "You are too old to get married after graduation": Chinese female PhD candidates in Hungary and ethnographic representations. 

Eleonora Esposito, A question of power: For a critical multimodal approach to gender-based cyber violence.


LUNCH BREAK (14:00 - 15:30)

 PANEL 5 (15:30 - 16:45) - Salón de Grados

 PANEL 6 (15:30 - 16:45) - Room 2.4. Second Floor

Critical discourse analysis and multimodality

Historical and cultural approaches

Chair: Patricia Bou-Franch

Chair: Elena Castellano-Ortolá

Mª Milagros del Saz-Rubio, Inmaculada-Tamarit Vallés and Marisa Carrió Pastor, Assessing online aggressive behaviour against Spanish and French female politicians on Twitter.

Carla Tempestoso, ‘Shutting her up’: The many shades of violence against women in
 The Wrongs of Woman, The Distress’md Orphan and The Yellow Wallpaper.

Marta Sánchez Cócera, The representation and construction of self-blame, self-responsibility and the victim experience in the digital discourse of female survivors of sexual violence. 

Miguel Fuster-Márquez and Carla Fernández-Melendres, Creation of a large news corpus for the discourse analysis of Violence Against Women (VAW).

Dimitra Vladimirou and Lucía Fernández Amaya,  ‘Shut up and resign’: A contrastive investigation of gender-based online aggression on Twitter.                        

Sara Tabuyo Santaclara, Abortion bans and handmaids: Generating agency through "The Handmaid’s Tale".

17:00 - 18:00 PLENARY SESSION (Salón de Actos) - ANN WEATHERALL

Embodying and resisting the discourses of gender and violence.

Chair: Elena Castellano-Ortolá



















Friday 28th October

10:00 - 11:00 PLENARY SESSION (Room 1.1+1.2 First Floor) - MICHELLE LAZAR (virtual)

When sexual crime reporting meets digital media culture.

Chair: Laura Mercé

COFFEE BREAK (11:00 - 11:30)

 PANEL 7 (11:30 - 12:45) - Room 1.1+1.2 First Floor

 PANEL 8 (11:30 - 12:45) - Room 2.4 Second Floor

Critical discourse analysis and multimodality 

Interdisciplinary perspectives

Chair: Laura Mercé

Chair: Carmen Gregori-Signes

Luciana Beatriz Ávila, The silencing of the victim: analysis of a court sentence in a case of rape of a vulnerable woman.

Natalia Zawadzka-Paluektau, Victims or perpetrators? A cross-linguistic corpus analysis of the representations of violence in European media discourses on crisis migration .

Eva Mestre-Mestre, Representation of gender violence in legal sentences in Spain. A corpus pragmatics study. 

Manuela Romano-Mozo, Creating new cognitive and social frames against gender violence.

Silvia Peterssen and Leyre Barrios, The victim, the “wolf pack”, and the law: social actors in Spanish press reports of gang rapes.                                                                           


PANEL 9 (12:45 - 14:00) - Room 1.1+1.2 First Floor

PANEL 10 (12:45 - 14:00) - Room 2.4 Second Floor

Critical discourse analysis and multimodality 

Critical discourse analysis and multimodality

Chair: Nuria Lorenzo-Dus

Chair: José Santaemilia

Suzanne Bouma, “Even if you have the best job ever…”: how policy discourses on the value of work resonate in the narratives of IPV-survivors.

Sergio Maruenda-Bataller, Legitimating and perpetuating anti-feminist ideologies: Disinforming on gender-based violence.

Maria Gkoutziomitrou, The representation of social actors in male survivors' digitally-recounted experencies of sexual violence.

Elena Castellano-Ortolá, (In)famous tropes and (mis) informative genres: Discursive profiling across the British and Spanish press in "The Yorkshire Ripper" case (1975-1985). 

Silvia Molina Plaza, Exploring videos against gender violence in Spanish and English: Similarities and differences.

Laura Mercé, Gaslighting: Representing the discourse of domestic violence against women in Gaslight (Cuckor, 1944).

LUNCH BREAK (14:00-15:30)

PANEL 11 (15:30 - 16:45) - Room 1.1+1.2 First Floor

PANEL 12 (15:30 - 16:45) - Room 2.4 Second Floor

Critical discourse analysis and multimodality 

Historical and cultural approaches

Chair: Carmen Pérez-Sabater

Chair: Claudia Alonso Recarte

Lucía Bellés Calavera and Begoña Bellés Fortuño, Exploring hate speech: the case of political memes.                

Víctor Huertas-Martín, “No Man is Beyond Redemption, Lucius. Not Even You”: Domestic 
 Violence, Tragedy, Romance and Shakespeare’s Archive in Rome (HBO/BBC, 

Begoña Bellés Fortuño and Adrián Pla Ángel, Mediatic cases on hate speech: Amber Heard vs. Johnny Depp on Twitter. 

Manuela Romano-Mozo and María Muelas-Gil, Gender-violence metaphors of November 25th campaigns in Spain: a comparative analysis.

Karen M. Dacy, Litigation or Mitigation. Representation of female and male politicians in online public discussion.

Juan José Calvo, Passive/patient woman vs. active/agent man? The evolution of sexual violence in the ‘sleeping beauty’ motif.




17:00 - 18:00 PLENARY SESSION (Room 1.1+1.2 First Floor) - SUSAN EHRLICH

Linguistic ideologies, monolingual worldviwes and the interpretation of consent in a sexual assault trial.

Chair: José Santaemilia

18:00 - 18:30 CLOSING CEREMONY

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