Location and situation _ADEIT

Plaza Virgen de la Paz, 3 46001 Valencia
(next to Santa Catalina´s Church)

Tel:+34  963 262 600

The University–Business Foundation of the University of Valencia is an organization, with own legal personality, promoted by the Consell Social of the University of Valencia in 1989, whose objective is, on the one hand, that companies take advantage of the capacities of the University and, and on the other hand, to serve as a channel to transmit to the University the needs of companies and the productive sectors.

With this aim, ADEIT promotes the development of joint activities in all those fields that favour the exchange of know-how and, as a consequence, the enhancement of economic progress. The main axis are:

  • Training, specialization and recycling of university students and professionals.
  • Placements for university students and graduates in companies and organisations of the Comunitat Valenciana and in other European Union countries.
  • Advice on job search or businesses creation.
  • Dissemination of the entrepreneurship culture.
  • Support of innovation and to the transfer of technology and knowledge.
  • Management and participation in European projects.



Equipped rooms

The conference venue is the Fundación Universidad-Empresa de Valencia - ADEIT.
It is located in the historic center of the city of Valencia, in a unique setting with unique buildings and monuments.

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